Monday, June 18, 2012

A Birthday Celebration (Chapter 2)

Leaning forward to kiss me, running her tongue around the inside of my mouth, she crawled onto the bed and tugged me up beside her. I moved a hand down to her pussy, feeling, stroking the lips. She began to instruct me, telling me to slow down and take my time, not to get in a hurry, that we had all night. Easing a finger between the lips, it began swimming in her slickness as it entered her love tunnel. First one, then two fingers were entering and leaving, twisting and turning, as I spread the slickness over her cuntal mound. Her hips began moving, trying to follow and recapture the fingers as they withdrew. I could feel the suction and the grip of the internal muscles as my fingers would leave. As I played with her pussy, touching the little button at the top, she was sighing and moaning that it felt good, sooo gooood.

My dick was so hard it was aching. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around it. As she tugged on it twice, I erupted. Cum shot up her arm, on her side and onto her belly as I was screaming, oh no, oh god, I'm sorry, I didn't want that to happen. Laughing delightedly, she got up to get a wet cloth and said she knew my first time would be quick, too quick, but not that fast. She hushed me, telling me it was ok, that I could now last longer and we could enjoy it more.

Laying back down beside me, she started kissing me again, running a hand over my face, chest and stomach. I had almost completely softened when her fingers wrapped around me again. In three heartbeats I was rock hard. My passion, my desire, my longing was rekindled.

She began trying to pull me on top of her, nibbling my ear lobe, while whispering in me, in me, I want you in me. She rubbed my dick through her cleft, soaking the head with her slipperiness, then into her canal. I began rocking back and forth going deeper and deeper as I lubed. She pulled her legs up, locking her heels behind my back. Her pussy pointed almost straight up allowing me the deepest possible penetration. As soon as I was buried completely in her, I stopped moving. I savored that most wonderful and fantastic of feelings, being sheathed in a pussy. I was in heaven.

She started moving first. Lowering, then raising her hips, she was sliding her pussy down, then back up, on my dick. I started to slowly move in and out, up and down, relishing the sensational effect of the movement on my dick. I felt as if I was wrapped in velvet, the warmth, the suction, the squeezing, a slickness like honey; then her contractions started. Mini climaxes began to ripple through her, her thighs quivering, her stomach undulating, the little orgasms rolling like ocean waves through her. My eyes were closed as her sensations washed through me as well. She mumbled, oh god, my Baby, my Baby, oh god, my Baby, my Baby. I wanted the feelings to never end, the sensations to last forever. I did not think I would ever tire of this in and out, up and down, the stroking into that most sacred of places. Finally I felt a tingling begin building in my balls, my scrotum tightening, my pace began quickening. Knowing I was getting close, she began chanting in my ear, cum for me Baby, cum for me Baby, until I erupted. I buried my self as deep as I could go, jerking with each shot. It pushed her over the edge. She screamed she was cumming. Her arms and legs were like steel bands wrapped around me as she convulsed in a major orgasm.

I went limp. All of my muscles turned to rubber. I lay on her and could not move. I was sucking wind like I had ran a race. I enjoyed the laying on her, breasts to chest, belly to belly, pubic areas still enjoined, her legs alongside and over mine. My eyes were closed. We were face to face with our noses touching; I was breathing her breath. When I opened my eyes hers were smiling into mine. Recuperating a little, I tried to get off of her. She tightened her grip asking me not to move. When I said I am too heavy, she replied I was just right, she liked my weight on her. We lay entwined as our post-orgasmic glow slowly faded.

My brain slowly started working, almost as if I was regaining consciousness. I had just fucked, no, I had just made love to my MOTHER. That is wrong! NO! Something so good, so wonderful, can not be wrong. This is just between us. No one need ever know. Oh God! This is my Birthday Present! Never again? She said we had all night. Only tonight? I do not know if I can live with that. I do not WANT to live with that. I love this person, not just as my mother, but as a woman. This can not be, must not be, a one time thing.

Finally I said to her that she knew I loved her and got a yep response. I then said if she did not know I loved what we just did then she was not as smart as I thought she was and got the same yep. I told her I had two questions and got the simple response of ask.

Why, what brought this on was the first. She told me she and Jackymom had been talking about Jacky's and my upcoming birthday. They decided their eighteenth had been the best of their lives because Jacky and I were the result. They decided to make ours as memorable as theirs had been, no, with a smile, not getting us pregnant, but elevating the love we had for each other to the physical limit between a woman and a man, not just as mother and son. She said she knew I would always remember this night and hoped it would be with enjoyment. My heart sank as I thought, what about other nights? Jackymon and Jacky, a question was in my voice, and got the standard yep.

Now for the second I said and received a flippant ask away. Feeling me stiffen and realizing I was dead serious, she said that she was sorry, that she did not mean to be a smart *ss, then wanted to know what was my question. I said the birthday is over tomorrow, what happens then. She took my face in her hands looking into my eyes. She said she could delay answering my question by asking what I wanted, but that she knew that answer. She drew a deep breath and told me that her bed was my bed when I wanted and as long as I wanted to be in it. She went on to say she had not anticipated how much pleasure she would receive, she had just intended to give it, nor how much she would want for it to happen again. I said again, and again, and again. Yes, yes, yes was the response.

I started hardening in her. She said that something must have liked her answer and she was glad she answered correctly. We began the dance of love again. I pushed a leg down alongside, then under, mine. I rolled onto my back and carried her on top me. Telling her I wanted to play with her body, she started riding me, up and down, back and forth, moving her hips in circles as I felt, stroked, caressed, fondled, pinched, and pulled on body parts from her head to her toes. Although different, this second time was as satisfying, as fulfilling as the first had been. She lay on me as I had on her as we talked, of our love, of our happiness, and of the extraordinary satisfaction we shared. I went to sleep with her laying on me.

I woke during the night with her holding my dick. She was gently squeezing and relaxing with a smile on her face while she slept. Her back was to me as she lay on one of my arms. My other hand was gripping a breast. As I moved the hand down to her pussy and began caressing it with my finger tips, she gave a sigh and turning on her back, spread her legs to give me better access. I immediately latched on to a nipple and started sucking on it. She must have cleaned herself up as I slept; I felt no dried residue. Without opening her eyes, she grinned and said if I did not quit what I was doing in an hour and a half she was going to take a belt to her Baby. I mounted her, telling her with me on top of you, you can not get up to get that belt. Good was her reply!

It was almost ten in the morning when I woke again, to the feeling of being licked and sucked on my nipples. As I reached for her she jumped out of bed, saying that we needed to take a quick bath and fix some breakfast as she was starved. I responded that I was hungry but not that hungry, I could wait a while. She pulled me out of bed and into the shower saying that after breakfast she would take me back to bed because she knew a growing boy needs his rest. I was not growing I told her, if she would look she would see I was already grown. That got a beautiful laugh. I snuck up behind and into her after we entered the shower. It was not a real quick bath.

We just lounged around all day Saturday. After stripping for the second time, we stayed naked, so there less time needed for us to begin a new round of our sexual playing. I could not get enough of her; she was as eager as I was. I was touching or holding her almost constantly. She held on to my dick as if it was a bird that would fly away if she let go.

We played on the kitchen table after breakfast. The height of the table was perfect. As I was stroking into her, the angle of my dick rubbed her g-spot. I thought the table was going to collapse from the gyrations as she climaxed almost continuously. I wanted to use my mouth on her as I had done on a couple of girlfriends, but stopping me, she said later.

She sat on my lap with me buried in her while we watched a movie on TV. I think I was in her for over three hours. Not fucking or making love, we were just relishing the feeling of being joined. I did not know my skin surface was so sensitive. Where it contacted her body, it absorbed her essence.

I explored every square inch of that beautiful body, then did it again to make certain I had not missed a spot the first time. Each time I tried to kiss or lick her beautiful pussy she would stop me and side track me into another action. Doggy fashion, standing with her legs and arms wrapped around me and her back against the wall, face to face on our sides on the bed, we tried every position I could think of. We went to sleep early, exhausted, but holding each other, cuddling and enjoying our closeness. Waking on Sunday morning, we made slow languid long lasting love. I tried to draw it out, to make it last as long as possible, but it was still over much, much too quickly.


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