Monday, June 18, 2012

A Birthday Celebration (Chapter 3)

I had called about noon on Saturday to break the date I had for that night. Jameymom encouraged me to keep it, telling me that I did not have to stop seeing girls as I had been doing. She continued that she just wanted me to be very careful, as she knew I was, before having sex with any of them. I did not want to quit our playing I informed her; that when I got tired of her, then I would start thinking about looking for someone else, but that may be a hundred years in the future. That must have been a good thing for me to say for she climbed my bones like a wild woman. Her pussy attacked my dick. It bite, it swallowed, it squeezed, it tried to drown me in juices, but I did not try very hard to get away.


About ten o'clock Sunday morning I noticed Jameymom on the phone but could not hear what was said. She told me Jacky's truck was still in front of the house, and that I should go over and see if they were stirring. As I left she told me to go the back way, down the alleys. I often went that way, so no big deal.

Entering through the backdoor into the empty kitchen I continued into the living room. Just as I was fixing to yell was anyone home, I froze. Jackymom was on her knees with an arm under the couch, reaching for something. A baggy t-shirt hung down and I could see the entire bottom of one breast, the puffy areola and the hard little nipple. Her cutoffs were so short the cloth between the legs was just a thin narrow band. It was wedgied between her hairless pussy lips which were fully exposed. I thought the past thirty six hours with Jameymom had about drained me sexually, but I was just as hard now as when she had done her strip for me. Those beautiful lips of Jackymom's set my desire afire. I wanted my dick where that cloth was.

Looking over her shoulder with a devilish grin, she said she thought her Son Two sort of liked the looks of his Jackymom. I just gaped. Still grinning, she rolled over, leaning back against the couch. Her legs were splayed open with her knees up and forming an M. Her hairless wedgied pussy lips were looking at me. God, it was sexy. Smiling, she told me to shut my mouth and swallow. I did. She then asked if I wanted to see more. I could only nod dumbly. My brain and my voice were disengaged.

Off came the shorts, then the t-shirt, and she lay there in her glory. She commanded me to come to her and as I knelt between her legs she kissed me as she had the night of my birthday celebration. She pressed my head down to her pussy telling me to eat my Jackymom. For over an hour I did just that, with her telling me where and how to lick and to suck and to stick my tongue and fingers. She had almost continual little mini-climaxes while teaching me to bring her up to the edge of a major one, then backing off, and doing it again and again, until finally, she could not take it anymore and just exploded. I was amazed I could bring so much pleasure to someone. I tried to burn what she told me into my brain. I did not want to forget a thing she taught me.

While I was eating her, I told her that the juices were delicious. She said good, that I could have all I wanted, whenever I wanted, just to ask and she would not refuse me, but that I had better be careful when I did ask. When I asked why, she responded that whenever I asked, her pussy would be in my face, in the Mall, walking down the street, in a restaurant, it did not matter. I laughed and told her I would be careful and that it would not be in public. When she asked, and why not in public, was I ashamed of her. I told her that with people watching, some would want a turn. The line would stretch for blocks and I did not want to share. She asked even with Jacky. I told her Jacky and I do not have to share, what is mine is his, what is his is mine. She then asked if I cared that Jacky was with Jameymom. I told her, nope, when Jacky comes home, she will be waiting for me. In a husky tone she told me she loved the two of us. I told her just the way we love the two of you.

I held her as she came down from her high, stroking her gently, telling her how beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, desirable and lovely she was. I then finally realized the full extent of their planning. Each Mom was to be the first to show their physical love for their own son, then would be the first to bring the other son into oral love. Each of us would have a first time with each other. Oh, such smart, loving, beautiful, sexy, conniving broads.

She finally twisted in my arms, moving to where she could take my limp dick into her mouth. It surprised me by immediately growing. Her lips and tongue were magical, working my dick until I swore she must have had two tongues to do what she was doing. I started to tell her I was fixing to cum when she pinched and squeezed my dick and the urge subsided. Twice more she did the same thing; by then I was begging her to let me cum. When I did, I thought her sucking was going to pull my brain out through my dick. Every time I thought I was through, she would suck hard, and another shot would race into her mouth. I do not think I have ever came so much at one time. I was completely drained, I thought.

As I relaxed and caught my breath, I kissed her gently, tasting myself in her mouth, and thanked her for the rest of my birthday. She smiled, stretched, wrapped her body around mine and told me it would not be over until I fucked her brains out. Fucked, I had a question in my voice. Yes, she claimed, fucking is making love while holding nothing back, letting it all hang out, pleasing your loved one as you please yourself.

Laying there on the living room floor, I tried. Then we moved to her bed where she said let's sixty-nine. I told her I had heard of it but had never done it. I continued that what she had done with her mouth was fantastic, but I would rather have my dick in her pussy. As much as I liked her mouth, I loved the sensations of her pussy, and Jameymom's, the feel of her body against mine as we moved, the sharing. With her sucking I was receiving but not giving, not sharing. While eating her I could feel the movement of her legs on my head, shoulders and back. I could touch her thighs, hips and buttocks. I could fondle her breasts, pinch her nipples and feel the contractions in her pussy. I liked eating, but I would rather be fucked than sucked. With a giggle, so be it she said.

She kissed me and pressed me to move down to where I could eat her again. Later I was to realize there was a method to her madness. Eating pussy after fucking allowed me to recharge and rekindled the desire and the need for my dick to be buried in pussy. I hesitated at first; her pussy was full of my cum. She encouraged me to go on, that if I did not like it she would not make me do her again. I looked at her, thinking that statement can be taken two ways and I do not like one of them. I lowered my head and I ate and I enjoyed and I tried. Again and again, all day and into the night, I ate and I tried, but her brain remained intact.

I was fascinated by her clit. As her arousal built and it engorged, it started peeking out of its little hood. Touching it with a moistened, not dry, finger, licking it, caused more of it to appear. Jameymom's had remained covered. I thought I must do more exploring with hers.


Jacky and Jameymom showed up about nine o'clock Monday morning just as we started fixing breakfast. Jacky and I skipped school. Jameymom and I hugged and kissed as did Jacky and Jackymom. While grinning like the Cheshire Cat, Jameymom asked if I had enjoyed myself and the oral sex she had denied me. Laughing, I told her that I finally figured things out. Continuing, I said I was not sure how I felt, though, and to make certain, Jackymom and I were going to have to do it again some time, and would probably have to do it more than once for me to be sure. They laughed and hugged each other, then together they said that it WOULD be arranged.

Jameymom was in the kitchen Tuesday afternoon when I came home from school. I walked up to her and took her face in my hands. Looking deep into her eyes, and with a sober expression, I told her softly, you... are... ugly. It took about three beats before she realized just what I said. As her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened in surprise, I erupted into laughter, telling her I loved her and her expression. I held her tightly as she sputtered, pinched, poked and tried to punch me. Finally, she hugged me back and I whispered in her ear, when I want? She started walking backwards, pulling me to her bedroom. For my mean remark she made me go to bed without any supper, but I cheated. After fucking, making love, twice, I ate between her legs until I was full.

On Wednesday I went to Jackymom's while Jacky went home to Jameymom. When I told her I was thirsty and wanted to eat, she dropped her skirt. No panties! Pressing down on my shoulders until I dropped to my knees, she thrust her pussy against my face, forcing me backwards until I was lying on my back. She sat on my face requesting me to tell her when I was satisfied. I found I could suck and ream her hole with my tongue while rubbing my nose on her clit. After her third orgasm, she asked if I was full. One more I said. I must have drank a pint of her juices. Delicious!


That summer we bought some acreage south of the city and built a home, selling the houses where we grew up. Our new home has eight bedrooms. Jackymom and Jameymom have the two master bedrooms with large private double baths. Connecting doors lead to Jacky and my purported rooms, which are very small, mostly closet, having barely enough room for a bed. There are two guest bedrooms with a shared bath. The other two bedrooms and shared bath are occupied by Judy and Joy who were born nine months after we started the birthday celebration. Reliance on diaphragms with the sparing use of a spermicide proved ineffective as birth control measures.

I am not certain of just how the schedule was worked out by those conniving broads, but Sunday and Monday nights Jackymom takes me by the hand to lead me to bed, the rest of the week I spend with Jameymom. Our birthday celebration still continues.